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Painting chipboard?

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What is the best way to seal chipboard for painting. I tried painting my one piece I made  last night and it's not only ruff but the paint does not go on nice. It's just craft paint if that makes any difference 

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Chipboard is cardboard. Your paint is probably soaking in, which affects the finish. You might try giving it a coat of gesso, which is what artists use to prime their canvases. It will seal the surface, so subsequent layers of paint will not penetrate. Once dry, the gesso offers a smooth surface that takes many kinds of paint very well. 

You do mean chipboard and not particle board or OSB (oriented strand board), right?


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That's just what cricut calls it. It's 2mm thick paper/MDF/sawdust so it will soak up paint or glue like a sponge. Definitely try using gesso or mod podge to seal it before you put on your actual paint.

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