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Ugh the stairs…

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After long hemming and hawing sessions, I decided to remove the stairs from my house. I wanted the real estate in the upstairs rooms, hate the idea of the imaginary mini people walking through what is supposed to be a bedroom to continue upstairs, and I hated that scale had left the building in regards to the stairs. So…off they went. 
Yes, it causes that “how do you get upstairs” question, but my answer is, “via the stairs on the invisible back wall.” It’s make-believe, right?

Now, however, I’ve decided (probably) to put stairs back in…but just in the living room. I want the fun of decorating the staircase and that room is big enough to take all the furniture and stairs. I’m going to have it facing the opposite way as it once did which means it’ll face the front), and that’ll keep it from being so obvious. I can deal with the “where are the stairs to the 3rd floor” thing (invisible back wall!), the horrid lack o’ scale of the treads and risers, but…the stupid thing is only 2” wide! Imagine walking up a set of stairs with 11” tall risers, 7” deep treads, at a 60° angle and it’s only 2’ wide. Goodbye neck!

But…how much does this matter? Will it scream OUT OF SCALE? I’d have to double the stairs width to at least 4” to be scale-ish. That would only be 1 1/4” from the front window.
Maybe I should chuck the stairs? Again…

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1 hour ago, IveNoClue said:

But…how much does this matter?

The only thing that matters is how it looks to you.  Dry fit the stairs with tape or poster putty and live with them for a few days before gluing them in. Stay or go? The answer will reveal itself. :) 

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I struggle with stairs, too, and have eliminated them in some houses opting to make more room for decorating.  I have ripped out many a staircase and re-worked them. I will say, though, that seeing the staircase has some magic to it even when they are simple (ladder-like). 

Something else to consider is some kind of false door that suggests or gives a glimpse of a staircase. 

Either way, the house will tell you if it has to have stairs. 

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