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Hello from the UK and newbie questions!

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Hi everyone!

So excited to be part of this forum! I'm Sarah from Sheffield in the UK and I've been renovating dollhouses since the pandemic hit - I find crafting tiny things to be very mindful! I keep a record of what I'm doing and learning on my blog www.minimodelworld.com (please let me know if links are/aren't allowed!) 

I've made box rooms before and recently renovated an Exmouth dollhouse kit, but I LOVE the look of Greenleaf dollhouses and wondered if anyone could recommend a good kit for a beginner? This one is stunning but feel it might be a bit out of my price range and skill level! https://shop.greenleafdollhouses.com/beacon-hill-dollhouse-kit/

I'm also writing a blog post about the best dollhouse kits but don't have any experience with Greenleaf dollhouses so would be awesome if anyone could give me some advice.

Also, do Greenleaf ship to the UK from their website? I can't see any info on their site and the collection on Amazon and eBay are pretty limited.

Thanks so much and I look forward to getting to know you all!

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Welcome to the little family, Sarah.  You can build any kit with patience,but a good basic kit to begin with might be an Orchid or an Arthur.  Greenleaf kits are fitted together with tabs and slots and the plywood is a little over 3 mm thick.  I recommend investing in some painter's or masking tape and use that for putting the shell of the kit together, what we call the dry fit, before gluing anything.  The kit parts are usually die-stamped into the plywood sheets, so sometimes the pieces need coaxing with a utility knife to come out and tabs and slots might need sanding or shaving to fit exactly.  I'm a visual and tactile learner, so I have to manipulate the pieces a few times to get them together, and have to read the instructions several times, and sometimes I still don't always understand them, so I don't want to glue anything until I see how it fits together.  I use a decent wood glue like Titebond.  

A great many of our forum members live in other countries and buy kits from the website, and I'm sure they will weigh in to let you know their experiences.

At present the company is experiencing the problems most businesses are having due to the Covid pandemic and our recent disastrous weather, and are out of stock on several models.

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