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A little Halloween SPOOKY


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When I took a pic of my Pierce attic, I put a LED light in the tower room to help get a better pic (someone in this forum told me about those little lights that you turn the base to turn them on. They were in the wedding aisle at Hobby Lobby - good purchase, so thanks!). I know I forgot to turn it off and didn't remember for 2 days. I did turn it off and left it standing on it's base. A couple of days late'er, hubby says hey you got a light on in your dollhouse. Sure enough it was on. I unscrewed it a lot to make sure it stayed off, and left it standing on it's base. That was yesterday. Sure enough tonight, I saw a light on in the tower. This time I unscrewed it a lot and left it on it's side. Gravity or is there a ghost in my attic? Lol

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