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The first room in my house, the kitchen is finally done!


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18 minutes ago, steiconi said:

Cool. Did you buy them already printed or print your own?

I bought the STL  for the stove as I'm still learning designing. But I printed all of them. 


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1 hour ago, Muriel said:

Lovely job! Especially like the tiles and fireplace :) 


1 hour ago, shannonc60 said:

Lloks great! Love the floor, very well done. Great to see a modern/farmhouse style with a bit more colour.

Thank you both!! I love the pop of color! The fireplace may just be my favorite, maybe... 


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13 hours ago, havanaholly said:

I love that stove! and for years have lusted mightily for a RL one to cook on.  The gas ports look like the female half of snap fasteners.

I've wanted that stove for years! Thats why it now sits in my dream kitchen! LOL Thank you! 


1 hour ago, IndyCindy said:

When miniatures are done will, it's nearly impossible to tell that they are, in fact, miniatures. Outstanding work - you took it from hobby/craft to fine art, Kim! 

Thank you for such sweet words! I can't tell you how much that means to me. It's my goal with each thing I work on, to bring it to life. 


8 hours ago, Kells said:

Exceptional! Everything is perfect, it's like looking into a real kitchen.

You're very sweet! Thank you! 


12 hours ago, KristinO said:

Great job! 

Thank you! 

13 hours ago, Kari Lynn said:

Oh my gosh, this kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about it. It looks so warm and comfortable I would love to have this kitchen in RL. Well done! 

Thank you!! It's my dream kitchen, one of the things about miniatures, we can create whatever we want! 

13 hours ago, fov said:

This looks incredible! Very nice work.

Thank you!! 

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