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Roof pitch on Orchid?

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I'm working on an Orchid (my first build), and I want to replace some of the gable trim and finials because the ones in my kit are damaged. I need to find the roof pitch of the gables/dormers and the main roof. Does anyone happen to have already have found those numbers out for the Orchid? Or have any advice on finding roof pitch on a dollhouse? 

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When you dry fit the house with tape, you can fold a piece of scrap paper over your roof peak and edges to get the pitch, or measure the angle with a protractor.  Figuring roof angles is one of the problems that got me started on dry fitting the houses.

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Plastic protractors are cheap and handy to have. Alternatively, you can Google for angle illustrations, print some up, cut them out, and then just slip them into place to see which one fits. I'm guessing that's probably about a 60-degree angle. That's pretty common on Victorian houses. Try this one out:


Here's the link:


Most trims for gables, eaves, apexes, finials, and even chimneys are cut for a 45-degree angle. Anything steeper is harder to find. I had this issue with chimneys for a gambrel roof, which is a screwy combination of 60-30, though in my case more like 70-20. Let me tell ya, shingles can hide A LOT. A 45-degree notched chimney or finial on a 30- or 60-degree pitched roof leaves a gap, but that is completely hidden behind the shingling.

For the gable trim, if you can't find something made as one piece that works, then use two separate pieces. You then don't have to worry so much about the angle, as they'll fit just about anything. Something like this:


That's just an example, there are other options available. Search for:  trim (gable,eave,apex,running,gingerbread)

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7 hours ago, Muriel said:

But don't actually print and use that picture because the angles in the picture aren't all 60° :)

I guess I should have got out that handy dandy protactor and checked it on my screen before I took their word for it, LOL!

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