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My name is Mariana I collect and make miniatures (sweets and treats for non-scale dolls) along with 1/6 scale and non-scale dolls from Japan (Azone, obitsu, Nendoroid). I’ve been working with the diy dollhouses from China for about 4/5 years now. Last year I made the real good toys gazebo, and now I am currently working on the Aster Cottage as my first 1/12 scale house. I apologize now because I am an extremely visual person and coming from the diy dollhouses where everything has pictures with an instruction step the wall of text instructions is quite intimidating honestly. 

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Hi Mariana :) Lots of pictures in the Gallery to admire and I'm sure some to help you build your Aster. Ask away if something doesn't make sense, we'll all help :) 

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2 hours ago, FurMama said:

Hi Mariana! Welcome! More Minis Blogspot has step by step pics of various houses including the Aster. Perhaps that will help.


Oh wow that’s EXACTLY what I needed I’m a true visual kinesthetic and have the absolute worst time attempting to decipher text instructions!! Thank you so much!

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7 hours ago, havanaholly said:

Welcome to the little family, Mariana.  Text instructions is how I got started dry-fitting every build I do.

Doing the dry fit as we speak! Definitely not something I’m used to doing but it helps for sure!

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5 hours ago, Muriel said:

Hi Mariana :) Lots of pictures in the Gallery to admire and I'm sure some to help you build your Aster. Ask away if something doesn't make sense, we'll all help :) 

Thank you so much! I looked through the gallery and saw other projects! Now just gotta work out all the kinks!

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Greetings everyone from Clearwater FL!  I so appreciate all of your blogs and tips!  I've done 3 houses and wanting to start the Aster Cottage.  I'm disappointed in the quality of the white sheets.  I can't read any of the parts descriptions and am very apprehensive to begin if I can't identify what's what.  Does anyone have left over white sheets?

I don't know if I should do this one.

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    • By creationodyssey
      Sorry I searched and searched but all I could find is people talking about their removable walls in here and google was confused and gave me false doors…
      Anyway I’m turning the upstairs of my aster cottage into a proper loft and want to put up a removable/false wall for the bathroom. How do you do that? Do I need mini wheels like they use in closets to slide it back and forth or do I just wedge it in and hope for the best? 
    • By peonyfoxburr
      Greetings and salutations—as indicated, I live in Massachusetts, about 40 miles northwest as the crow flies from Boston. Remember the line in “Paul Revere’’s Ride” about riding to “spread the alarm/ To every Middlesex village and farm/ For the country folk to be up and to arm?” My town is one of the villages he didn’t reach, because of being captured by the British between Lexington and Concord.
      I came to miniatures and dollhouses by way of collecting small dolls and their assorted accessories and belongings. I have worked on a couple of roomboxes and a very small dollhouse (the Adams), but my current is my first really big house. Bought it as a shell years ago fron Real Good Toys, and then it sat until shortly before the pandemic began and all my outside activities got cancelled. In its finished form, depending upon whether you added porches or additions, it appears on Pinterest as the Hawthorne, the Woodstock, or the Altamont—generic Victorian with a tower and a big front gable. As none of the finishing accessory packs are available anymore, finishing will require some further purchases, and possibly some kit bashing. 
      I retired from work seven years ago, and have enjoyed the free time to pursue all my interests, which include fiber arts (knitting and spindle spinning), gardening, sewing (aspiring quilter!), birding, and attending to whatever animals are sharing the house at the time, though I’m down to one cat at present. He’s deliberately ignoring me right now, because he got taken to the vet for his annual checkup today and is mad at me. 
      And now I’m off to apply another coat of paint to The Hawthorne-Woodstock-Altamont dollhouse!
    • By ReneeMP
      I've been admiring the Greenleaf dollhouses online for years, but had never been able to justify the expense, until this spring, when the world got cancelled. I live in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada, and for the first couple months of lockdown, you literally couldn't go outside without your face freezing within a minute or two, so I decided I needed a project, and bought the Magnolia. Now I'm hooked! I'll admit I rushed out of excitement and I'm not thrilled with the colour, and I'm just not happy with how it turned out, so I'm giving it to my daughter to play with. I've ordered the Buttercup and intend on doing a much better job. I can't wait for it to arrive.
      I should also mention that I am partially colour blind, so I typically can't match colours at the best of times. There's a lot I will do different on my next house.

    • By JeannieS
      Hi, Everyone!  I am new to the Greenleaf Forum.  I live in Fairfield County, CT.  I have loved tiny things since I was a child and from about age 9 into my teens I loved decorating my childhood dollhouse (a four-room tin house with an "addition" of 8 rooms thanks to two liquor store boxes, haha) and making mini things for it.  I really didn't pack the house away until I went to college, but then for about ten years I didn't think much about miniatures.  Then I found a dollhouse kit at Goodwill and put that together and decorated it sort of on a whim.  Ten MORE years went by, and my mom sent me a little quarantine birthday care package that contained a miniature room kit, which I finished putting together a few weeks ago.  I started poking around on Instagram looking at some of the amazing things miniaturists do, and now I am wondering why I haven't been making miniatures and building things this whole time!  I think I didn't realize what a large community of people it is.  It sort of felt like something I enjoyed as a kid and almost didn't realize could be a hobby for me as a "grown-up", too.  So here I am!  I just bought an Aster Cottage kit, and am slowly getting ready to put that together with a Christmas theme, but I'm doing lots of reading and preparing because I want it to look great :-)  
    • By LarJar
      Hi, I'm Laura. I bought the Coventry Cotrage about ten years ago, started building and then... stopped. But, I've picked it back up again recently now that I have some space and I'm really enjoying it.  I just put in my first bit of wall paper! I'm looking forward to learning all of the things.
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