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Greeting from France !

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Hello everyone ! Bonjour à tous !


Four month ago I moved about 800km away from home for my last internship before graduation, and I've been itching to make some mini stuff... Suffice to say, I've been vicariously living by going through topics here ! I now have many ideas to try when I get back home in August...

I got interested in miniatures about two or three years ago, but haven't done a dollhouse yet. That may change sometimes in the future, though : I fell in love with the Orchid while browsing this site ! The houses I've seen on this side of the Atlantic are not really to my taste... However I've done two of the Robotime DIY Roombox, that I've slightly "bashed" (if I'm using this word correctly ?). 


I'm impressed with the creativity and skills levels of everyone here ! I hope to learn a lot from you guys and contribute a little to spread this hobby !

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Bienvenue a la petite famille, Roxanne.  Welcome to the little family.  

19 minutes ago, _Roxy_ said:

...when I get back home in August...

Where is home?  And what are you interning for?  I have built two Orchids, one in wood and one in plastic, and I have another I found bashed (you are correct) and falling apart that was languishing in a thrift store.

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Thank you for the warm welcome, Holly !

Home is where my parents are, which is currently in the north of France, Soissons, "la cité du Vase de Clovis".  Meanwhile, I'm renting a place near Marseille, in the south of the country. I'm in my fifth, and last, year in engineering school, currently working in a society making voice coil motors.

That sounds lovely ! Ever since discovering the Greenleaf brand some weeks ago, I tried looking for second hand listing on Ebay and our Craiglist equivalent, but all I see are the "Del Prado" (or another like it?) and some Lundby. I'm a bit confused, I must admit : I've seen some Lundby house listed at less than 40€...  and some Lundby furniture over 150€ !

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I think the Del Prado used to be available by subscription and Lundby is well known.  The Greenleaf kits are a thinner plywood, and make up into lovely houses that are light enough to move by oneself when built.

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Hi Roxanne :)

I live in the UK where Greenleaf style houses are hard to find, but definitely the thinner plywood is my preferred material compared to MDF houses readily available here. Because they are comparatively light, shipping from the USA isn't a definite no though. I brought a half scale Fairfield home in my suitcase from my honeymoon in America! If you have any friends going that way they might consider bringing you one back 😉

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Welcome Roxanne. I love France. I hope to live there one day, at least for part of the time. We do not have many dollhouse options in Australia either. Although there are some smaller makers of dollhouse kits in Europe. Here are some links that sell some kits.



There are also a couple of miniatures shops in Paris you may or may not know about: 




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Thank you everyone !

Muriel, unfortunately I don't know anyone coming by the US anytime soon... especially given the current situation. If I can't find a "local" deal, I might nudge the Orchid as a potential Christmas gift to my family... 😄

Shannon, in fact I went to both of them before ! I'm rather lucky my town is about 2h per train from Paris, so before Covid I could spend a weekend doing museums or visiting my friends and stop by La boîte à Joujoux or Pain d'Épice before coming back. Last time I went, they had several more Roombox kits, but no "smallish" dollhouse on the shelves. Lovely but pricy big ones are on their online catalog, but they just don't grab my fancy. I've got many little things and furniture from then however!

I will check those links ; I would prefer plywood too, because space is limited, and since I wont be living at my parents' for much longer, I would appreciate something easy to move/pack... Well, I'm only 22, plenty of times to get into those huuuge ones! I think I spotted a RGT on Ebay here, "Bostonian Mansion" ? It looked bigger than me ! Pretty big, and pretty price at 1.5 k€...

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