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Westville plans

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Hi everyone. I am the Vice president of the Waitakere Miniature Makers Club in Auckland New Zealand. A brand new member purchased a Westville house code 8013 about 30 years ago but never built it. She has lost the plans so is lost without it. Can anyone help? Many thanks. Suzanne

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Suzanne. Please edit your post to remove your email address. This forum is open to the public. There are web bots busy harvesting emails for spam. We have a private message feature that lets us communicate safely with one another. To send a private message, hover the cursor over the member's avatar, then click on the envelope icon.

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Hi Kathie

I tried to edit my post and remove my email address but there was no mechanism for doing this. The 3 little dots in the upper right hand corner only allow me to share or report. I have reported it in the hope that the webmaster will edit it for me. In the meantime, I am happy to report that I have found a copy of the Westville plans and our new member is very happy. Thanks for your support. I have a Fairfield I purchased 8 years ago which I have not had the time to build yet so I look forward to being part of this forum.

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Fixed! I'm so glad you found the Westville instructions you were looking for. The Westville and the Fairfield are two of my favorite Greenleaf houses. :)

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