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Magnolia Flooring

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Hi, I just got my Magnolia and am a little overwhelmed by the size (I've done the Orchid and Arthur). I am trying to figure out how much flooring I will need, I am thinking tile in the kitchen area and hardwood everywhere else. Most of the flooring I see comes in 11" x 17" and I am thinking I need at least 4 sheets but maybe as much as 8, any ideas? Also, I've seen what looks like floor boards cut into the plywood, is that recommended? If so, any advice? Thanks!


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I built my Magnolia for a team building blog, and I had siding strips I wasn't going to use that I split and cut into lengths for floorboards and used in the bedrooms:

KathieB's photos:  the boys' bedroom     KathieB's photos:  the master bedroom

as well as for beadboard walls. I used the Greenleaf vinyl floor tiles in the kitchen:

the "new" kitchen furnishings

and their vinyl "hardwodd flooring" in the livingroom:


I have scribed "boards" into the plywood of the kit using a cork-backed steel ruler and holding my utility knife upside down (VERY carefully) to scribe the lines with the point.

KathieB's views:  the bar

but lately I have been using the iron-on wood veneer edging I get at the hardware store for wood floors:

parlor 2.JPG

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I used the iron- on veneer for the first time recently, I made 2 floors in one night... fun & easy. If I was using regular sticks it would’ve taken me two weeks or longer to do 2 floors... they came nice. When I’ve been at the hardware store I’ve been looking for a long stick or something like that...duh...didn’t realize it came in a package in a little circle.

Holly, you always talk about it... thanks.

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Do a sample first.  I use a few drops of glue-all to hold the strips until I have a fair few in place and I set my iron on it's highest setting; it only takes a few seconds to heat the veneer enough to melt the adhesive.  You will want to stain your plywood whatever color you'll stain your veneer after it's in place.  I cut & split the pieces into 1:12 the dimensions of the floor boards in my RL house.

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