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Info on Lillbo miniatures from Sweden


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Hi all,

I'm just wondering if anyone is familiar with these 1:12 dollhouse miniature furniture items or the brand of Lillbo.  They say made in Sweden.  I can hardly find anything online or on ebay to compare them with.  Looks like it will let me attach a small photo of the packaging for one of them (I don't have the authority to create albums here just yet :))

Some of the light fixtures say 4 volt. Other items are red polka dot lamp stands and ceiling fixtures. 

If anyone knows about or can help point me in the right direction to find old catalogs of closed down miniatures manufacturers, I'd much appreciate it. 

I hope to update this thread as I come across more info.


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2 hours ago, Mid-life madness said:

Have you looked at Lundy?


I do have some used Lundy furniture items that were passed on to me too.  Was Lillbo bought by Lundy?

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1 hour ago, Mid-life madness said:

     I was just thinking that perhaps they are from the same era.....since and since Lunby is Swedish, maybe they are related.

Oh fabulous! I was looking up some of their stuff and didn't realize they were Swedish as well.  Thanks again! :)

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On 4/21/2021 at 1:26 AM, havanaholly said:

Where is Anna when we need her?


On 4/21/2021 at 3:01 AM, Monah said:

I'll wait to hear any input from the infamous Anna too :)

Here I am:wave: and it is indeed something from the Lundby series (usually 4,5V) not sure from when though but I can check with a friend of mine who is a treasure trove when it co se to Lundby "stuff" 

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23 hours ago, havanaholly said:

Where have you been, dear heart?  I miss you!

All over and no where due to family "stuff".. January last year My bonus grandma (who just turned 97j fell and brooke her femure really bad - operation and got a couple of screws installe, one screw didn't settle in well somfirst schedule for a second op to correct that, in comes pneumonia round one, stay in hospital, followed with Covid scale all over,  followed by some heart murmur and galloping blod pressure, another round of hospital,stay, repeat a few more Times in and out of hospital and then getting back home to her hours, deciding to sell that as She got an offer to move into one of those care Homes that is essentials,loving in her own flat but have the opportunity to Call on staff and get meals served in her own flat or join in with the rest. Then comes Covid to some of the staff members and another health scare for her and another minor surgery. And THEN to top it off My patent-in-laws both got Covid so all in all some 12-14 months of stuff just happening almost feeling like we were trappen in a Kafka Nobel or something like that, at Times looking at each other just sharing our heads and then just handle day to day stuff... BUT despite that, all are Now doing well and getting back to better energy levels and I have been doing some mini-ing in between just to cleanse the mind and thoughts. Been sneaking in and out Now and again but usually on the phone which is a Pain to make posts on. 


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1 minute ago, havanaholly said:

Ah, but it's so good to have you home!  The hubs and I have had both doses of the vaccine.

Feels great being home as well, and I keep visiting Now and again as well, but Sometimes one really do get caught up,by the whirlwind of things. Sounds perfect with both diesel Done, so far both My parents got their second does this week, FIL gots his second one last week and MIL got her first as well and Will have her second one in July. We are still awaiting "next phase" to be able to get ours and Hoping that that Will come in the next couple of weeks... 

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1 minute ago, KathieB said:

Anna, what has happened with your school during the pandemic? 

Hmmm, well over here  we have kept the schools mostly open for the ones in kindergarten up to year 9, apart from a couple of weeks around Christmas time where the year 7-9 also got their lessons through digital plattforms. The older ones in hugger education have had most of their leassons online since last year about Now, but that also has meant that students have been able take turns in attending in school for some parts of their courses that they needed to be in school to be able to do. So a very tough period of time to get to the best possible solution at all Times, not an easy task and LOTs of scrutiny if the decisions are right, when do we need to take another one back and forth depending on daily check ins and different schools within the same city might have to take (and have taken) different decisions depending on their unique situation. 

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