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I'm Marla and 38 from S. Florida. I loved dollhouses when I was a girl -- decorating them, picking wallpaper/flooring - and my mom built me a lovely LARGE Victorian dollhouse. I now have a daughter of my own and plan on refurbishing my childhood dollhouse to give to her when she's older (she also looooves dollhouses). I also thought it would be a fun project to work on! One the major items I need to work on is fixing the porch -- the front porch of the dollhouse was just glued on and it fell off in storage. I have the original porch but it's in very poor condition now. So I'm working on what to do with the front of the dollhouse -- new porch or type of outdoor entry way (steps down, mini porch, etc). It also needs a full interior renovation with flooring, walls and lighting. 


I look forward to chatting with everyone! And once my dollhouse arrives from storage, I'll take some "before" photos!


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The dollhouse isn't one of the Greenleaf ones --- I've never seen a kit quite like it (although it's fairly basic despite being large -- front porch, 3 floors with 2 rooms + hallway on each floor, plus a large attic with 2 rooms. My mom is very handy and we had a lovely miniatures store in our neighborhood  so I think she either got a kit from there of some other company I don't know about or they helped her build one from scratch. Or she bought a custom one pre-built and finished it. 


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