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My latest projects and the Cricut Maker

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The kitchen fireplace has been completed. Not glued in yet, I'm waiting to finish all the construction steps before I glue anything... I'm prone to forgetting things. 

The fireplace is made from 1/2 inch pink builder's insulation foam. I tried to match the paint to the wall. It does look closer in person. The hearth is made from foam, wood and mat board. Logs will be piled in the center hollowed section which will hide my fireplace workings. The Mediterranean tile is made with the Cricut Maker, Kraft board and waterside decals, sealed, one tile at a time, with pouring topcoat. A half wall with columns

part of the front and all of the side of the tiled mudroom so none of the wonky cut tile will be showing. None of the flooring has been glued in place so the warping will be gone once that happens. 

My photography skills leave much to be desired. Looking at these photos now not sure what the off color stuff is, probably something to do with my flash. 


large.154977247_Fireplaceinitshome.jpg.88ccdf46f06ccbcc75223802c0ceb3d0.jpglarge.1308354636_Fireplaceside.jpg.71ff35e0f04decf3e2a3c8462d409549.jpglarge.1106299077_Tile2.jpg.4d336ee30ed1a6c716b04dd55a6d45ca.jpglarge.2122233558_Tile3.jpg.b310adb200b744622921727e7d277465.jpgwill be placed around

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54 minutes ago, Mid-life madness said:

Everything looks great Kat. Your fireplace sits nice and flush against the wall. This is going to be a great kitchen.


53 minutes ago, madtex1967 said:

Looks AWESOME!  Great work! :clap:

Thank you both!


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