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I tackled my first dollhouse during lockdown. And, honestly, if there were mistakes to be made, I made them. In an array of flowered wallpaper, how did I not see the tiniest of tiny birds flying upside down?? I’m pleased with how the orchid turned out. I wanted a bit more room so I added a sunroom to the model. I stole a little trim from other places to make it fit with the overall feel. :)




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Congratulations Sheri and welcome to the group. :wave:

Nobody probably would notice your birds....people point out their mistakes and I never would have noticed them until they are indicated. The outside of your house is very pretty. I love yellow houses, and the greyish/ green trim color is perfect.

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Thank you both. I actually stripped the original wallpaper. A tad OCD, if truth be told. And the trim colours are actually shades of blue. :)

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Hi, Sheri. Welcome to the forum. Your Orchid is charming. What a good idea to add the sun room! As other pointed out, don't let the mistakes bother you. Unless you point them out, odds are that no one will notice. They will be awed by your skill and the overall beauty of the house.  

When you have made 5 posts you can open an album in the Gallery. There is a limit to the number of photos that can be attached to posts; there is no limit to the number of photos posted in albums. We would love to see the interior, upside down birds or not. :) 

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