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Need an ID

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For all you great ID sleuths, can anyone ID this house. I got it as part of some estate pieces I received and I cannot ID it. The center roof piece is apparently supposed to be supported by posts (I’ve set it on a container to approximate height position). It appears to be made from heavy core plywood.


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5 minutes ago, fov said:

Could it be a scratch build? What's the ceiling height? Could just be the angle of the photo, but the ceilings look a little low.

Thanks Emily, good question. I don’t think this one is a scratch build...not sure why, but it was built easily 30 years ago. It’s 1:24 scale. Ceiling heights on the first and second floors are just under 5” (so under 10’ in RL). The ceiling height in the attic is just under 3” (6’ in RL.)

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2 minutes ago, havanaholly said:

The windows and doors look like Houseworks.

They are Houseworks. The house may be an old Houseworks plan for all I know. I’d like to find out the name of the model.

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3 minutes ago, fov said:

Oh haha, maybe that's why it looked small! I don't think I've seen one like it before. I'm curious to know what it is, too.

LOL, I should have thought to add the Half scale information! I guess I just assume everyone knows I work in half scale, haha. :doh:

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