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Glue “tar” paper

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Not sure if this is a A well-known trick and I’m not as clever as I thought... I used wood glue and thin paper to cover my roof seams and hold the dormers in place. I simply “buttered” one side of the paper with wood glue and then placed it on the joints and seams. Then slathered  the dry side with wood glue too. I actually didn’t have to use any masking tape to hold the dormers in place while they dried. I was a little concerned that the shingles might not stick but there’s been no problems. Sorry for the sideways picture.


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2 hours ago, Mineejv said:

I’m doing the Tennyson, I’m wondering if that something I can do to fill in the seams on those front bay windows.  What a great idea ...

I've seen people use various techniques for filling seams and gaps.  For bay windows, bamboo skewers or wood dowels are popular and give a nice rounded detail between each window.  Caulk and spackle help fill in spaces too.

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