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New member...first dollhouse

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You may want to consider that the stairs are located in the unseen part of the house. They take up a lot of room in the kitchen.

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I am reading this because I just halted my construction in my orchid due to frustration. Rookie mistake- my first dollhouse- I switched the left and right sides of my house and now my stairs are right in front of the window.Should I ditch the stairs? How do I patch up the hole? Thank you for suggestions!


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47 minutes ago, Christmas Orchid said:

Should I ditch the stairs? How do I patch up the hole?

Ditch the stairs. That's my recommendation even if the house is assembled correctly. They are awkward and take up too much room.  If they are in the correct position, they appear to pitch the little people through a window as they descend. :ohmy:

To patch the hole, cut a piece of scrap -- see if window or door punch outs are close in size-- (or use similar thickness cardboard, foam core, etc.) and glue it in place. You may need to use ceiling paper on the ground floor and either carpet or wooden flooring to hide the mend upstairs, but that's not difficult.

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