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Has anyone built something using these windows? I coveted them for a long time and finally got some, but I'm surprised at how very big they are. They seem more suited to a Barbie house ... They look like a more elaborate style than what's on the Willowcrest. Does anyone have a project to share? Thank you!




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These are beautiful windows! On the picture Carrie posted the window looks almost the same height as the door. I think they'll work nicely on a specific type of house (especially one with tall ceilings) but probably aren't a good fit for some houses. Susann, how were you planning to use them?

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    • By Cati
      Hello All,

      Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved playing with dollhouses, playhouses and puppet theaters.  The surreal time we are all living in with this pandemic has made me reflect and look back at the fond memories and nostalgia for a simpler time of endless hours of fun playtime.  Even though I haven't built a wooden dollhouse kit since I was 12-years-old, I have always been the crafty DIYer type of person that enjoys to do projects, so doing an advanced house wouldn't overwhelm me nor using an x-acto knife scare me. 
      Recently, I purchased a wonderful turn-of-the-century "Grande Dame" house, but it needs fixing up after a long time of neglect by previous owners.  Thus, I thought why not do the home restoration along with building a miniature house concurrently.  My friends and significant other think I am crazy, but I know that I will find all the support here.  There are plans that I have been considering and open to any of your suggestions.   I have been a long time lurker of this forum and have enjoyed reading many of your posts, the information has been very informative.  Thank you for reading.
    • By PRND21
      Hi all, first post here.
      So for some years after we had our daughters, my wife had mentioned getting a dollhouse kit when she was a little, but it was never built, and lost to time. Well, since both her parents had passed, the other weekend we were working on cleaning out the estate, and low and behold, found a NIB Dura-Craft Victorian (VH-600) under a bunch of old mattresses and junk in the attic! Our daughters were so excited to find it, so we got to work right away. 
      The first thing I noticed is the instructions are horrific. Not just that they've been eaten by silverfish, but they're not very easy to follow. However, I am very confident I built the walls exactly per the verbiage and the diagram. Things were humming along great until two days ago- the floors don't fit! For whatever reason, the 2nd floor, the attic floor, and the wing 2nd floor all have about a 1/4 gap around the sides and front, and that's with the edge pieces installed. The roof pieces fit fine, so I can't figure out what's up with the flooring. The only way I can see to get the long ways dimension to go snug would be to either 1- buy new flooring, or 2- trim the long wall down 1/2 inch, but that will throw everything else off. 
      Has anyone else run into this issue? What did you do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

      Note: I have several pictures so uploading was not an option. However, I have included a Google Drive link directly to my folder of pictures for ease of use and to help illustrate what I described. (Let me know if you cannot access/see the pictures.)  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KXOvRaVumkBQGH8JYbzzsPkkfslB5s2Q?usp=sharing
    • By Jameyb
      This is my second large dh I completed within two months before the quarantine. I found some technical difficulties with the model but am very proud of how it came out! I’m waiting on my box stand to be completed so I can get it off my work table and really dig into Foxhall! 

    • By Qubanqtee
      I made a huge faux pas, I made the loo the largest of the room in the San Franciscan....before proceeding I decided to switch the master with the bathroom....it required re-flooring the bathroom, removing the tile walls and wallpapering. The drapes which I made and stitched every little ring to the drapes and then hung them on the rod I made....to say I way annoyed was an understatement.  In the end it was worth every sore fingertip...the master bedroom is elegant and airy yet welcoming.  The Bespaq settee sits in front of the windows so the mistress can put on her shoes or read a chapter or two.  The lingerie chest holds some of her beloved items....the bed, I soldered and painted and covered with linens from Wendy Dollhouse.  The night stand, an HOM kit ....the armoire is painted and the door pulls are glass beads from my Mom's collection...she used these same beads in making each of us a beautiful Christmas stocking...the final touch, a June Clinkscales piece so that the mistress can step unto the bed when she's ready to retire for the evening.  Some finishing touches are still needed, but I couldn't be more pleased with how she's coming along.
    • By Bunny
      Hello, everyone!
      I’m a lifelong miniature enthusiast, although I’ve taken a 10 year leave of absence from larger projects primarily due to workspace and time commitment issues. Over the past decade, I’ve done the occasional small project such as room boxes, but I’ve been itching to get back into actual houses.  Big, beautiful houses.  I LOVE large projects.  
      I got into miniatures when I was a little girl. My dad’s hobby was woodworking and we built a dollhouse together as a project. It was great father/daughter bonding time, and he taught me so many techniques, how to use various tools safely, etc. 
      My dream since childhood has been to have an enormous, fancy, over-the-top Victorian dolls house.  (Sadly, the house I built with my father was more of a colonial farmhouse — not what I wanted and not what I picked out, although I do cherish the memories.)  I was a history major and I’ve always been fascinated by so many aspects of the Victorian era.  
      I’ve had this concept in my head for the past 7-8 years to build a late-Victorian era hotel that secretly operates as a high-class and very discreet brothel.  It’ll be PG, but due to being a brother there will be so many glorious possibilities for over-the-top decor.  Everything will be gilded, beaded, fringed, or otherwise blinged out.  And this is great justification to have multiple fancy bedrooms, decorated in different themes!   I’m envisioning London, circa 1887.  
      I’ve been looking for the right house for the past few years.  Obviously, I wanted something big.  And I have a strong preference for something front-opening, due to a couple of overly-inquisitive cats.  I also like the visual link the doors give with the Dutch baby house cabinets.
      I came close to buying the Cottesmore (Barbara’s Mouldings) a few times.  Love the house, but with the basement it was just a little deeper than I have space for in my living room.  I am also really inspired by the Featherstore Hall Hotel that Julie Jackson did with the Cottesmore, and I wanted to do a different house to make sure I didn’t inadvertently copy her amazing creation.
      I also considered the Darlington (by Majestic Mansions) which is open on both sides but could easily have hinged panels attached.  
      But ultimately, I finally settled on the Buckingham (by Dolls House Direct). Gorgeous, enormous house.  I just couldn’t get it out of my mind.  It’s more Georgian in design than my vision, but has lots of nice big rooms, a fabulous grand staircase, and it’s front opening.  And it’s certainly not unheard of for a Georgian-era building to have had some renovations and remodeling/redecorating done to “modernize” it for more Victorian tastes!  There may be a bit of kit-bashing in my future, I’m still playing with sketches and ideas.  I’m still a little horrified with how much I spent on the kit + shipping, but I’m really excited about the possibilities.
      The kit is sitting in my front room, and I’m itching to get to it.  I’m hoping I can make a good start over Thanksgiving, taking advantage of having time off from work.  In the meantime, I’m happily puttering around with wallpaper designs and paint chips, needlepointing rugs, and daydreaming about themed bedrooms… Marie Antoinette/Versailles?  Tudor?  
      I’m looking forward to sharing and learning from everyone!
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