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Does anyone have a tutorial for a canopy bed?

Laura Lancaster

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    • By Laura Lancaster
      Does anyone have a canopy bed tutorial? I used to have a book by Judee Williamson but I can’t find it anywhere! I’d really appreciate it if somebody could help me out. 
    • By Qubanqtee
      finally was "called" to finish soldering the bed.  Its scaled to full-size.  All that's left to do is paint the bed, it will be white, cover the mattress and dress the bed.  It'll be in my San Franciscan.
    • By WBrownIV
      I had some ideas on how I wanted the interior to look. Not finding anything commercially I was reading a post and someone mentioned Elf Miniatures in the UK. I went to their site and HOLY COW! The items they made were amazing! I contacted Elizabeth and told her what I was after. She designed a bed kit that was perfect! 
    • By third_hand
      Howdy all,
      Here are some (hopefully not sideways!) photos of the bed frame that I have been working on for the attic bedroom of my Orchid (Sweet Cypress Cottage). I built it from scratch, from my own improvised design. I decided to go for a heavy patina look; I love verdigris what can I say!  This is the first coat of simulated patina (mixed up my own batch of acrylic paints for the occasion). It needs a few more coats (not to mention a mattress and frills!); I will be adjusting shades as I dapple on layers for a textured, aged look.
      I'd like some opinions on this: the green chair to the right (which, I know, needs some dirtying up/aging) is from an HoM kit. I decided to paint and add brass findings instead of staining. I'm wondering, does the olive tone throw off the patina color (as in, make it seem too blue)? I'm also wondering: do you think these two pieces should be in the same room? I know the camera plays tricks, but I'm a little worried about the weird size relationship between them.
      Anyone have thoughts or opinions? Happy to hear them!

    • By vintagegirl
      Via tutorial from http://1inchminisbykris.blogspot.com/
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