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Dollhouses in film and TV

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On 8/22/2017, 8:07:53, madtex1967 said:

Came across this one just the other day!  It's the McKinley on Family Guy in the first 30 seconds!



On 8/22/2017, 8:10:12, havanaholly said:

It's reversed and looks like the at was left off of the  end that doesn't have the tower.  I love the addition of a chimney.


I missed this when it was first posted. That's cool! A lot of the product images of the McKinley floating around are reversed for some reason. (Actually, it's reversed on Greenleaf's store.) The artist must have based it on one of those.

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Don't forget the sister's McKinley in the Hallowe'en episode of CSI with the siblings afflicted with hypertrichosis.

Or the dollhouse from the House on Haunted Hill series.

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13 hours ago, Mid-life madness said:

Did anyone else watch Sharp Objects on HBO? The dollhouse is featured prominently in the story line.......even the shocking ending



I was going to binge watch it.  Spoiler alert to the attached links.

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On 7/13/2017, 6:27:47, rodentraiser said:

If you've ever watched Patriot Games with Harrison Ford, his daughter has a Beacon Hill in her bedroom.

I know this thread is old but I’m literally watching Patriot Games right now and said “Hey! Jack Ryan’s daughter has a really nice Beacon Hill!” :D

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I saw a movie on tv twenty years ago and fell in love with the miniature furniture on the mantle. For years I couldn’t remember the name of the movie but remembered that Katharine Hepburn was in it. This weekend all chores came to a holt when I realized that movie was on tv. “Holiday” with Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant was on with the beautiful collection of a massive dining table and shelves displayed mini table settings and chinaware over the fireplace mantel in her “playroom”. Unfortunately, Katharine is not in this photo.


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I’m reliving my childhood by rewatching Beverly Hills 90210 and I caught a Westville in an episode from Season 3. Dylan is having a fantasy about what his life would be like if he married Brenda — lots of kids — and their house is overrun with toys.



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Did anyone catch the first episode of Creepshow? The second part is about something creepy in a dollhouse. It might put you off getting your kids a dollhouse and certainly you will look twice at picking up any dollhouse you want to buy from Craig's List. LOL

But the dollhouse in Creepshow is absolutely gorgeous. It opened on both sides and looked enormous. Creepy thing in the dollhouse and all, I'd have taken it. I saved some pics from the show:





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I know there was a thread for this very sort of thing somewhere, but cannot find it.

I came across a nice list of Dollhouses in TV and films - some I had not ever seen before. It's not comprehensive, but it's good. From 2018. I always enjoy revisiting the topic.



List of houses in article:

The “Two Little Dolls” house on Sesame Street

Ken’s Dream House in Toy Story 3

Phoebe Buffay’s dollhouse from Friends

The dollhouse in Beatrix Potter’s “Tale of Two Bad Mice”

The Browns’ attic dollhouse in Paddington

Corky St. Clair’s My Dinner with Andre play set from Waiting for Guffman

Shou’s mother’s dollhouse in The Secret World of Arrietty

The nursery dollhouse in Hooked

Monica Gellar’s dollhouse from Friends

Jane’s dollhouse in Mary Poppins

Lorelei’s dollhouse on Gilmore Girls

The proposal dollhouse from The Wedding Planner

Super Star Sissy dollhouse from The Incredible Shrinking Woman

The museum dollhouse in The Twilight Zone


The soul-sucking dollhouse in Doctor Who

Amma’s dollhouse in Sharp Objects

Mr. Harvey’s dollhouses in The Lovely Bones

The Pierpoint Inn dollhouse in Supernatural

Bee’s dollhouse in Annabelle: Creation

The Amityville dollhouse

The doll maker’s house from Are you Afraid of the Dark?

Annie’s “miniature worlds” in Hereditary

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On 12/12/2020 at 9:00 AM, Elsbeth said:

I know there was a thread for this very sort of thing somewhere, but cannot find it.


I found it and merged your new thread into it. :)

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