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Removing painted etching from acetate window film?


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I can't think of a solvent that would take off the paint and not fog the film. Hopefully someone else will know.

I would try rubbing gently with a smooth wooden stick, like a rounded-end popsicle or skinny stick, to see if it will scrape off without scratching the film.  I would put a piece of cardboard behind the window for support while doing this, and I'd test at the edge of the window. 


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Solvents and most super glues will fog the windows.  You do know you can use flat clear acetate packaging to make replacement windows.  I was rehabbing a Pierce when we moved and it was destroyed in the move.  I managed to destroy all the windows and doors disassembling it (originally built with hot glue) so I made all new windows and doors for it, and for the front door I made a single door with a "stained glass" insert and matching side lights.

Barbara, I hope you'll post an introduction in the Newcomers' Forum.

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I was able to successfully remove the pre-painted lines on the windows to the conservatory addition kit by Real Good Toys using "Goof-Off". It took quite a bit of rubbing, & you have to apply the goof off liberally & continually fold over the paper towel to a fresh spot, the paint will smear around a bit at first (which I left some of this on there intentionally to help create the look of old dirty, clouded windows) but it will wipe clean eventually & doesn't create the same fogging effect as what super glue etc. would. 😉

(Note- the windows would be more clear after doing this- I also added some grey paint to further age the panes)


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