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Found a Vintage Victorian Dollhouse

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While out and about this afternoon, I stumbled upon a vintage dollhouse that belongs to an elderly lady whose family is encouraging for her to unload. 

Her family does not know anything about miniatures, nor do they seem to care, or have an idea of a fair value of it. 

Without asking too many question in order not to appear rude or nosy, the house is a 1:12 scale Victorian mansion, probably from either a retired kit or from a dollhouse company that is no longer in business.  

The house is fully built, however the interior was either ripped out or never finished.  Nonetheless, the house would need a lot of restoration to bring her back to her glorious days.

How much would you guys offer the seller for basically a shell of a large mansion?

Thank you.

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Most of us can't answer until we see the house. Do you have a picture? If not, what type of wood is it made of .....tab and slot plywood, MDF, a 3/8 inch birch plywood???

If it is made of a nice 3/8 inch plywood, it could be a special well made house.  When it comes right down to it, it doesn't sound like they know what they have....What is it worth to you? Just think about the cost of what it might be to bring the house back to life and go from there.

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without really seeing a picture it would be hard to tell - if its a Joseph Angel house is different than a Duracraft MDF or an RGT ...mostly its what you would be willing to pay if its that important to you.

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