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Newbie renovating a Willowcrest

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Hi everyone! I got a used Willowcrest that I would like to rehab to be at least somewhat sturdy and playable -- on a budget of course. It looks like whoever built it used hot glue everywhere, so that ought to make disassembly a little easier. I've started removing the shingles and some flooring. I don't think I like the chimney -- it doesn't connect to any of the fireplaces and I'm not sure how I would make it so. I'm also interested in the bash I've read about where the upper staircase faces the other way so it's playable. That would disrupt the winding path from the lower staircase but I don't think I would mind that.

I haven't figured out how to add all the pictures, but I have a public Facebook album here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10225128796469135&type=3


IMG_5993 (3).jpeg

IMG_6017 (3).jpeg


IMG_6025 (3).jpeg

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Welcome to the little family, Marcy.  When you have made five posts you can put your photos into albums in the site's Gallery.  There's a limit to the photos you can import from other places, but no limit (that I've found) to the photos you can post in the Gallery (and import into your posts, should you wish).  Rehabbing houses originally built with hot glue is my second-favorite thing to do, after building.  I wind up making new windows and doors, but I use a heat gun to disassemble the house and rebuild it with carpenter's wood glue, and heat guns do a number on the clear acetate window inserts.

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Welcome Marcy :wave:

I loved looking at all of your pictures, they reminded me of HGTV ' before' renovation images.

You have got your work cut out, but if you have the patience and time you can make it your own work of art. It looks like it was stored somewhere without climate control. I hope it helps you disassemble easily.

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I love the Willowcrest I have one I haven't built yet!  You've got some work ahead of you but you can turn this one into a beauty!  Thanks for sharing all the pictures and I hope you'll continue to share your progress and ask questions if you're not sure!  Most of us here love to give our opinions!

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I have a Willowcrest kit that I have yet to assemble - along with at least two dozen other kits. I "hope" I get to it while I am still able to! The Willowcrest has such lovely architectural details. I have made many structures, but have become a mini-hoarder over the years, so I better get to it!

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