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Need advice about wiring Pierce dollhouse

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Hi! First time dollhouse restorer here, I have a question. I am restoring a Pierce house that has an existing wiring system. The house was sitting for a considerable amount of time and I'm hesitant about plugging it in because it looks like there may be parts missing and I don't want it to catch fire. It came with some parts to replace/repair the wiring, but I don't think everything is there. I'm going to order a brand new wiring kit, but need to know what the best one for the Pierce would be, and also how hard is it to rewire the entire house, since it's already put together and I really am not confident enough to disassemble the walls or whatever to do it.

Or should I just get a few strings of mini LED lights and just run them along the edges of the rooms?

Any advice gratefully accepted, thanks in advance!

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Are you going to re-wallpaper every room?

You don't need to disassemble any walls if you are going to rewire.

Trouble shooting an existing system is a pain in the rear end. Go ahead and plug it in. It won't burst into flames, if there are broken connections some lights won't work or it may not even turn on. Stay with the house and check to see if any of the wires are getting warm etc. Then be sure to unplug it when you are done.

Have you watched this video yet?


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Hi! The interior of the house is unfinished. My daughter has a bunch of cardstock with gothic designs that we were going to use for the walls, and we have upholstery samples to use as carpeting for some of the floors. After going through everything, it looks like I don't have any of the little sockets to plug the lights into so I won't be able to tell if the couple of lights I do have will work. So I'm probably just going to remove the existing system and totally replace it with a new one. Thanks for the response!

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2 hours ago, Raven_1313 said:

So I'm probably just going to remove the existing system and totally replace it with a new one.

That is what I would do. Good luck.

Ask questions if you get stuck.

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