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Holiday miniature show on HGTV starting November 27

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1 hour ago, Sable said:

I kept yelling at the TV, “Use some Flex Seal!!!!”

Me too! Where's Phil Swift when you need him.

I watched the show with my daughter, and when the mother daughter team began I thought the Mom picked the wrong person to help her. I wanted to smack the daughter for being embarrassed. She had no enthusiasm whatsoever. My daughter agreed.

I thought the boat crew had the best personalities and were the most likable.

The big house was awesome....I wanted the shutters.

Another thing I noticed was that the were standing the entire time. I would not last 12 hours on my feet.

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https://www.hgtv.com/shows/find-good-cheer-in-abundance-in-hgtv-2020-holiday-lineup   Somehow I suspect that HGTV's idea of "the country's most talented miniaturists" will be different than

I think watch you all react the the show will be more entertaining than the show itself!

From what I've seen of the quick-glimpse ads promoting the show, I'm glad we didn't make the cut. The limited time to complete complex elements is definitely not in my wheelhouse or NJ's. Slow and del

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So, I finally watched yesterday - and I have sooooo many questions.... What exactly is 50% prep work? Prepping all walls, floors and ceilings and then put the house together? What about the interiors? Prepped? Built? What are the carpenters doing? I didn't really get what they are helping with.

Well, I hope the show will get better. The work was messy and I wasn't impressed. 

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I didn't get what the elves were doing, either. Only one team was seen giving their elf a job, the mother/daughter team who had won a 2nd elf in the water competition, but their house has some serious constructions flaws, which you'd think could have been fixed by the carpenter elves. They wouldn't have lasted one shift in Santa's workshop!

With nothing better to do this evening, I watched the show again. From bits of conversation I missed in the first run, it seems they knew the theme ahead of time, which explains how the winning team had the foresight to design a pontoon boat and the other two builds also were tropical-themed. 

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