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1:24 Cottage Row

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I'm going to take a break from my half inch scale cottage row. Maybe I'll work on something else for a while. Anyway, here are pictures as it stands now. I glued the last roof panel into place this morning, but I still need to experiment with whatever I'm going to use for shingling. More work to be done, like adding architectural details to the front and enhancing timbers and bricks, etc., but I just don't feel like doing it right now.  If you want to read and see pictures from inspiration photo to now just check My One Inch World.

IMG_3479 - Copy.JPG

IMG_3480 - Copy.JPG

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2 hours ago, havanaholly said:

T%hat is a nice, big house (for 1:24)!  Do you want to do slates or thatch for the roof?

Traditional roofing in that part of England was Horsham stone, but in the painting I liked the roof looked more like large oak shingles. I read that by the mid 1800's there were very few oak shingled houses left, but I didn't like the look of Horsham stone in the photos I'd seen. Recently, however, I found a few pictures of Horsham slate, so maybe I'll go with that. I may change my mind a few times before I actually start putting on the roofing.


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Grazhina, it looks great so far! That brick paper worked out well. Having it broken up by the timbers seems to make it less obvious that it's paper. The inside is beautiful too.

How did you do the floors? I'll check out your blog. I have a Tudor cottage that needs stone floors and I've been putting it off for years because I can't decide how to tackle it.

Edit: Never mind, I just saw on your blog how you made the floors with joint compound. Very clever!

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