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New (first) dollhouse

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I cannot believe what I just got from Market place on facebook and completely for free! I'm so new to this but have always loved miniatures and doll houses and I've always wanted to put together one for myself. I've been checking market place mostly because of people I see getting good steals and I came across a person GIVING AWAY A DOLLHOUSE!! It was an hour or so away so my amazing hubby jumped in the car and got it for me, it's a bit of a sad story though because the owner passed away and dollhouses were her life's passion and they were basically just throwing her stuff away. My husband said the lady called it "junk" and just kepted hading him bags of stuff until nothing else fit into my Kia Soul. I now have bags of boards, windows, shingles, furniture, add on rooms! Some of it I have NO CLUE what it is so if anyone can enlighten me I would appreciate it. Some of this furniture still has tags on it. There's stuff that was $99.00. Some of the furniture is just amazing! I feel so bad they were just throwing her "junk" away but I hope it makes her happy it went to someone who will love it!
Here are some pics of the stuff, my husband had to take off the cone castle looking part of the house to fit it into my car that why it's open. I did post this in a FB group and they advised me its a Joseph Angel house and that the furniture was high end. Does anyone and more information on any of this? I'm beyond excited for this journey! I'm not sure how to load all my photos of everything there was alot of Bespaq furniture included. I wish I could post photos of the furniture. The bottom of the dollhouse is sight and is #144


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Tiffany, you have scored BIG TIME!  When you have made five posts you can put your pictures into an album in the Gallery here.  Please post us an introduction in the Newcomers' Forum.

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