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Greetings from Upstate NY!

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Hello!  I am so excited to have found this forum!  A friend of mine is moving out of state and when I was visiting her this past weekend she asked if I wanted her family's dollhouse.  It was built by her grandfather for one of her sisters and is probably 30 years old (?).  I have no previous experience with dollhouses but have been following a few people who build them (I did want to be an architect when I was younger).  I asked what she would do with it if I wasn't able to take it and she said that she would probably sell it.  I couldn't have her do that.  I would love to update and renovate it.  I have connected with Greenleaf about getting spare parts and they were great in responding.  Many of the windows need to be replaced.  I want to shingle the roof, put some siding on it, and repaint.  I am in the process of removing the windows and would love to remove the porch to be able to side the front of the house on the first floor but am not sure if I can remove the railing and posts (I'm not sure when this part of the house was built as I don't have the instructions).  If anyone has the instructions for the Greenleaf Pierce, that would be awesome!  I can do my best to work backwards.  

I'd love to hear your suggestions/recommendations!  Thank you!

house resized.jpg

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Welcome Sherianne :wave:

There are quite a few people in the group that are actively building a Pierce at the moment. I hope someone can supply you with a copy of the house.

Congratulations on acquiring such a great house. Your plans for its rehab sound marvelous.


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Welcome to the little family, Sherianne.  I once got a Pierce that was missing parts.  It had been built with hot glue, so I took it totally apart with a heat gun and putty knife.  One of our other members was building a Pierce at that time and traced the missing stair parts so I could cobble my own and I had it about a third rebuilt when we moved and it got destroyed during the process.

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Thanks, everyone!  I'm super excited and have been learning so much already about shingles, siding, bricks, and windows!  I can't wait to start putting all this into practice!

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Welcome!  Everyone is very nice and very helpful here -- I've gotten lots of great advice.  Things have been slower this year, obviously -- I'm one of the ones that slowed down, I know -- but it's nice to have a community.


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