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Most of my reading is done on a kindle because I can adjust the brightness and font to be comfortable for my eyes. Here are some of my favorite authors, all in the mystery genre. Quite a few of their books are available through Kindle Unlimited, or for just a few dollars or as little as 99 cents of even free. I like to read, read over 60 books since the dreaded covid started.

George Bellairs - started writing Inspector Littlejohn books in the 30's, starting with constable Littlejohn.

Bill Crider - wrote the sheriff Dan Rhodes novels set in rural Texas, lots of warm humor.

Moray Dalton - started writing in the 1920's

Mary Roberts Rinehart - started writng in the 1910's

Charlotte MacLeod aka Alisa Craig - started writing in the 1980's

Stuart Palmer - 30's-40's He wrote the Hildegarde Withers series, of which several were made into movies

Phoebe Atwood Taylor - wrote about the Cape Cod sleuth Asey Mayo starting in the 30's

Dorothy Sayers - classic British crime fiction

Patricia Wentworth - more classic British

Margery Allingham - the Campion books

Next are contemporay authors I enjoy

Jana de Leon (very funny books) -     Angie Fox (amusing books about a woman who deals with ghosts) -    Bobbi Holmes (another series of books about a woman who married a ghost that came back to life) -    Wilkie Martin (Inspector Hobbes, the Unhuman series a cozy mystery comedy crime fantasy series -    Ann Purser's Ivy Beasley series were fun to read  -  Ben Aaranovitch, he switched to graphic novels which aren't my thing, but I did enjoy his other books which were also more fantasy crime novels

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Thanks for the tip, Joel-- I'll look into those after I get through the Ngaio Marsh (Inspector Alleyn) series I'm reading on kindle. Before that was Josephine Tey (Inspector Grant) and Michael Innes (Inspector Appleby). Very sad that I ran out of Michael Innes books on kindle-- those were the best.

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