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Hi from Buttercup builder in New England

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Hi Everybody. I am a retired New Englander. A year or so ago my interest in model railroading, and a collaboration of some years with DkDreamweaver building gingerbread houses, expanded in a direction I never anticipated. DKDreamweaver, also a retired New Englander, is a crafter of many years. She mentioned she always wanted to try to build a dollhouse, but never had the opportunity. We decided to see if our interests could be applied to building one. We lurked in the forums for some months learning what we could about choosing a house, building, electrifying, and landscaping. The Buttercup seemed like a good entry level house. It turned out to be quite the challenge to assemble. Almost every major piece was warped. We managed to get it together though with the help of plenty of blue tape, clamps, and canned goods. The final result, shown in the picture I posted in the My First Dollhouse forum, represents an evolution. We managed to encounter some pitfalls along the way. Including deciding to change the exterior color of the house after the wallpaper was already up, but thankfully before the windows and trim were installed. Hopefully after a few posts we can make an album of our build. I'm sure it will be entertaining for most, but maybe educational for some.

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Welcome to the little family, Jeff.  Your first entry into our little world is certainly most impressive!  Old nursing textbooks also work well as weights.

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