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Thoughts while putting together a dollhouse

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I was having a wonderful time using the wood filler to fill in all the cracks (or in my case GAPS). It's so much like finger painting.

Then came SANDING. If I had known how much I hate sanding I'd have taken up fly fishing instead of dollhouses.

I think there is a conspiracy regarding brads and nails. I'm convinced the makers deliberately put in crooked ones in every package just so they can laugh at me trying to nail them in.

Water based and water soluble only mean if one teeny drop of moisture touches what you're working on, it will dissolve, disintegrate, curl up and die. Water based and water soluble does not mean 'can be cleaned with water'. You will need blasting caps and chisels to get anything water based off your hands.

There is always ONE expert in every crowd who looks at your work and says "I think the eave on this side is a whole 1/32 longer than the eave on the other side." I always respond graciously and tell them "If you know so much about it, numbnuts, there's the exacto blade. YOU fix it!"

I also make sure to show all my teeth so they think I'm smiling.

Windy days are not good days to put together dollhouses unless you want to lose weight by chasing essential wood pieces (like an outside wall) over and over again all across the yard.

Putting a dollhouse together when your area is covered by smoke from forest fires allows you to be inventive. When someone sniffs it and says, "Your dollhouse smells like smoke", your options can range from telling them you were roasting marshmallows in it last night to letting them know you were releasing your inner arsonist by setting the base on fire.

Miniature linen closets 1" in depth viewed on their open side instead of the from the front will make you cross-eyed.

I have more thoughts but most of those are unprintable so I'll stop here.


Just to add: posting from phone should be made into a punishment applicable in all 50 states. 


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Oh my God! YOU should be a comedian...loved your "thoughts"! I live in an extremely windy city (nope, not Chicago) and it would never cross my mind to work on my dollhouse outside.

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Kelly, your post made me giggle :D:bigwink: I guess we all have parts of building that we totally dislike doing. I totally dislike adding shingles to the houses. Sure, it makes it look great and finished but I just don’t enjoy it as much as I do the other parts of building a house. Sanding is the 2nd thing I totally dislike doing. 

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If I didn't laugh at dollhouse building, I would cry.

Take yesterday. After sanding...and sanding...and sanding...I finally called it a day and cleaned all that dusty residue out of the house. 

Naturally, I started with the bottom floor, then did the top floor and...you guessed it. A nice breeze came up and blew ALL that dust back into the bottom floor again. 

It doesn't help that I have to sand everything because I had to use wood filler on practically the whole house.

It's like when I glue. People always want to know whether I'm glueing or painting. So people now look at the UNpainted house and tell me they like the pretty beige shade I painted it. And I'm too embarrassed to tell them it's sanded wood filler.

This is something I'm going to take up with God when I die. I want to know why I had to have a passion for little things. I mean, so what was so bad about dropping bowling balls on my toes anyway?

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