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I was back in HL this afternoon and they now have little boxed room kits similar to those robotime ones all different scales.

At least they did not do away with the miniature section totally. 

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11 hours ago, Mid-life madness said:

Are they cheap looking?

I liked that they had American made dollhouses.

They didn't have any made up only the boxes on display. They are their Mayberry Street Brand. I really didn't pay that much attention as I liked the houses too. My HL still has those and has added a RGT log cabin kit...Moss something was the name I think...boy was I a bad mini shopper yesterday!

Back to the HL Kits...they remind me of the type/style HBS is featuring in their latest email. Maybe I will get one for my niece to get her mini additicted:D

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A lot of the Facebook groups I'm in have people posting pics of all their clearance finds at HL - I'm in Southwest Florida and went to 2 different stores on the West Coast, then went to Boca Raton on vacation (East Coast) and went to their store - and none have anything on sale.  I went back again last week just to double check, still no sale. I also check their website about once a week, havent seen any sales for minis on there either.

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On 10/5/2020 at 11:47 AM, Mid-life madness said:

The man that did the review is so funny. He has several other videos.

He's an awesome builder, he has a really good eye. I've seen a lot of his houses in the facebook posts. I've gotten great ideas from him too.

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