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Just stopping by to say HI!

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I miss you guys! So far I'm still in my trailer and I had a great summer. I started a garden and green some watermelons, vorn, cherry tomatoes, and strawberries. 

I've had deer visit me (and my garden) on a daily basis. Lots of birds, hawks, a hummingbird, and other assorted creatures(some welcome, some not) have also dropped in.

The contractor is "working" on a lot swap where I would swap my lot for one of his and in the process get a loan for septic and a better place to live in

So far it's been off and on, mostly off, so I'm not really counting on this. But i have enough to pay for electric now and if he doesn't put it in, I'm still on track to have a transformer put in in December or January. 

I haven't saved asuch as I hoped because my car has been into the mechanic's at least five times this year. In fact, that where I am right now. I told the guy this time to do an exorcism. After watching the brake lights come on all by themselved, I figured it was possessed.

Anyhoo, after having to get rid of all my miniatures projects shortly before I moved, I found a New Orleans kit on Craig's List and put it together. I modified it slightly - it has an extended living room and will now have a curved staircase, plus a linen closet in the upper hallway and a regular closet in the bedroom. 

It has to live in my car and with the rain we're getting lately, I may not be able to work on it as much. It's too big for the trailer I'm living in.

But I'll try to keep you guys on top of what's going on. Hopefully by the first of the year I can be back posting with you all!

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