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whoops so this happened

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Hi everyone . been lurking for months as dollhouse work slowed down but just about to complete a 1:46th scale cottage that I will post pictures when i feel ready. 

With not much space in my house I had decided to only ever have my childhood dollhouse as a project and maybe some roomboxes but as I was looking at facebook marketplace I came across this for a ridiculous price. A 2 hour drive each way but the seller is in no rush for me to come pick it up so I will plan when to go. Not sure what my Mum and Dad are going to say when I attempt to bring it in as they frowned when I mentioned I wanted another one to play around with. It is a Dollshouse emporium but not sure on the name of it but it is no longer sold as far as I can see. 

But I just see so much potential with it that I couldn't pass it up. I am thinking either with Art Deco style bits or modern kate Spade inspired. I think the front reminds me of the townhouse that was used in Breakfast at Tiffany's. 


dollhouse facebook.jpg

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5 hours ago, fov said:

Nice find! That's a tall dollhouse.

Thanks it is tall- only one room on each floor and a hallway space. So not too much room but enough to be able to do things with. 


4 hours ago, blueirishmoon said:

Makes me think of gorgeous Regency townhouses in London.

A friend also said that and it really does look like that. I would be going down that route if I didn't already have a georgian townhouse dollhouse as a work in progress.  

I will definitely be doing a roof garden as so far I have not had the chance to do a garden. So many different options which is great but too much choice can also be overwhelming. 

The door I think also looks french so could be a paris townhouse. Right now I think the idea I will research is art deco inspired. 

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3 hours ago, Elsbeth said:

Also reminds me of this - not sizewise - but in the white with black regency look:24b65234aaad5cd354f22c49043161a5.jpg

 Wow that is an amazing dollhouse. I actually seem to have a preference for white or cream dollhouses. 

I think I will use this dollhouse as the house to practise and make mistakes on so that I am not such a newbie when  doing it on my childhood/heirloom quality dollhouse. 

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