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Hi everyone! The Arthur was my childhood dollhouse :)

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Just a quick intro. I have always been fascinated by dollhouses. The Arthur was my first dollhouse. I saved up my money at 10 to buy a kit. My dad partially assembled it before he gave up and got bored. Thus it never had shingles or all of the trim or any paint. But I loved it anyway. I would get to go to the dollhouse store once a year on my birthday and buy whatever I could afford with my birthday money. 

As an adult my love for houses has led me to a deep interest in decorating and design of old homes. No new construction for this girl! We just moved into my "dream house" in July. And wouldn't you know it...it looks a lot like a real version of The Arthur!

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@FurMamano, its a sad tale. My dad got remarried and sold my entire collection at a yard sale when I was at college.  I only found out because one of our neighbors had given me little brass candlesticks and bought them back.  

I am starting off slowly with building the Adams. I'd like to get to a place where I can kit hack an Arthur to look more like my current house  which is kind of a stretched out version with a wrap around porch and 5 bays across the front.  But a lot of my energy is going to renovations in my actual house at the moment.  I do love seeing what others do with their kits. Im always so impressed and grateful that Greenleaf is still in business! I used to get the catalog as a kid. 

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