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Hi - I'm Jill and I live in Maryland.  I've had a Greenleaf dollhouse sitting near me, assembled, that I bought on FB Marketplace a couple of years ago. I also bought a RGT dollhouse, but my 3 year old granddaughter was so taken by it that it went home with her - I knew I didn't have time for both and she loves it, bare as it is.

I've been gathering things to use in the dollhouse, I've put down a floor in the kitchen and have some chenelle (sp?) fabric I have cut to fit another room as carpeting. I've picked up a couple of wallpapers, but I'm at a standstill, and have been for months.  I want to wire it for lighting.  After all of the research I've done, based on the house itself (no easy access to all 3 floors and the attic)  I'm going to use round wire. And that's where I am. Still procrastinating. I've got the transformer, but I haven't been able to locate wire.

I love seeing what everyone's doing, I plan on doing a lot of upholstery and bedding on my own. It's good to find a group to share ideas with!



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15 hours ago, havanaholly said:

Welcome to the little family, Jill.  Which Greenleaf dollhouse do you have?

I have the Apple Blossom. I bought it assembled (and they did a lovely job) from someone who said it had been sitting unused in their basement for years.  She gave me a few pieces of furniture as well. $30. Drove 2 hours to pick it up - I smiled all the way home.

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The Apple Blossom isn't a Greenleaf kit (check the store, https://shop.greenleafdollhouses.com/, to see which kits Greenleaf/ Corona Concepts makes); I believe your kit is either Walmer or Lilliput.  When you have made five posts you can share pictures of your house & rehab in an album in the Gallery here.

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1 hour ago, Jillie said:

Oh gosh....I see now that it is Lilliput. Can I stay anyway?

This Forum is for EVERYBODY who has/ loves/ builds dollhouses & miniatures, so pull up your chair, grab a glass of Apple Pucker (or your beverage of choice) and chat a while.

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