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Calling builders with RA for tips and advice!!!

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I haven't 'been able to work on my dollhouse for the last week or two and getting itchy! But the issue is I've been in an RA flare for the past two weeks and my doc put me on some medication last night in the hopes it will take affect. I was curious to hear how others with RA work with their miniatures. Do you have any tips, advice, or suggestions?

Thanks for your time!

Carolyn Robinson

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I'd love to hear as well.  I may not have RA, but I have Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis in my hands. Last month I was doing a seriously aggressive sanding/removing old glue project and my hands/fingers have been aching ever since!!  :(  Guess I need to invest in a vice grip.

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Hi JNMNINI, No ma'am this isn't restricted to RA..I also have Fibro and a list of health issues that would choke a horse. A vice grip would help? I need to check into that also. That's what I'm hoping for...more people to come forward with ways they handle RA, FIbro, Etc. whether with an instrument/object or by themselves!

Thank you for sharing!


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If you have a work bench, a bench vise is a handy thing to have.  Being 78+ I have an assortment of things that hurt or don't work right any longer, so I use aids and shortcuts whenever needed, and I don't get upset at having to do things over time.

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21 hours ago, havanaholly said:

If you have a work bench, a bench vise is a handy thing to have.  Being 78+ I have an assortment of things that hurt or don't work right any longer, so I use aids and shortcuts whenever needed, and I don't get upset at having to do things over time.

Thank you @havanaholly! I've finally accepted the fact that this house may NOT be finished by Christmas and to realize this is going to take a lot of time! A bench vise...that sounds promising. Do you use anything for your hands while sanding? I found this action is fine while I'm doing it but when done, the pain and inllammation are screaming at me. If you don't mind sharing the aids you use, I'd really appreciat it. Thanks!

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I use a sanding block for large surfaces and an emery board for tight areas and my  Dremel Stylus for really fiddly areas or when I just have a little bit to do.  I have a drill press set up for one of my regular Dremel rotary tools that we found at Sears (long ago).  Power tools are fun when you don't want your hands to hurt, but sometimes I prefer to do things by hand and I just tke forever to do them.  I have acquired a lot of patience, but some of that I got from raising three boys.

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