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White Plugs

Why you have been working on your Doll’s House got fed up with white plugs?......go to our page Little Houses Plus for the answers …..Why you are there just like the page so you can keep up with what we are doing


We have just finished changing our Website http://www.littlehousesplus-shop.co.uk we have been busy in between the phone calls trying to make your experience a better one for you when you use Little Houses Plus & Small world Products on line shop. In these times and over the next months when it will be harder to put aside your money to use on your hobby, we have been look at the pricing of the products and the shipping cost (as they have gone up)



No whit plugs needed.jpg

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    • By Littlehousesplus125
      Just sent more electric items to USA & Spain with what we are sending out people houses must just be looking great need any help have a look at http://www.littlehousesplus-shop.co.uk

    • By Littlehousesplus125

      New Exciting Remote control for Lighting Doll’s Houses

      The Remote control we are now selling has taken 2 year to be developed

      This is an extremely versatile and sophisticated lighting controller but exceptionally easy to operate using the remote control handset. The unit has 8 independent outputs which can be expanded up to 24 outputs by adding additional units. Each of the outputs can be programmed to behave differently with a choice of 5 different modes.

      1.    Mode 1 Normal adjustable brightness

      2.    Mode  2 Simulated candle

      3.    Mode  3 Simulated fire

      By using the mode above you can use more than one at a time

           4   .Mode  4 Flashing output

                       i.e. If you have a shop you can use this for the shop sign so it goes on / off                   

           5     Mode  5 Static output

                           Use this to turn on something outside the Doll’s House  i.e. if you have a music room and you found something to play music which you could turn on / off you could also look at using this if you have your Doll’s House with a garden around it you could look at having a water feature that you could turn on / off

      You can found out more from Dolls House wiring specialist Small world Products @  http://www.littlehousesplus-shop.co.uk

    • By Littlehousesplus125

      Doll's House lighting we have just upgraded our information to help you wire your doll's house http://www.littlehousesplus-shop.co.uk/Dolls-House-Wiring-for-Lights-Fires all the information you need don’t need white plugs


    • By Littlehousesplus125
      Sorry autumn is coming

      Autumn Miniatura 22nd -23rd September@ NEC Birmingham England

      A few questions for you

      Are you coming?

      Are you looking to buy a Dolls House and putting in lights & fires

      Are you thinking of wiring a dolls house this winter

      Little Houses Plus & Small World Products

      Will be doing a talk on Wiring Dolls Houses & Question time

      Hall 10   Stand W19

      If you are not coming you can found out more about wiring Dolls Houses




    • By Littlehousesplus125
      Hi everybody

      Will you be coming to?

      Miniatura NEC Birmingham England March 24th - 25th

      York Dolls House Fair Sunday 3rd June 2018

      Miniatura NEC Birmingham England Sept 22 – 23rd

      I will be talking to people about wiring Dolls House and how not to use white plugs and extending wire with Heatshrink sleeving or anything people want to know about their Dolls Houses Wiring

      If you can’t get to any of these shows all the information is on our YouTube channel Little Houses Plus or all the links are on our website http://www.littlehousesplus-shop.co.uk/epages/62053002.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/62053002/Categories/Dolls_House_Lighting/Wiring_your_Dolls_House

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