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Hi, I'm Laura. I bought the Coventry Cotrage about ten years ago, started building and then... stopped. But, I've picked it back up again recently now that I have some space and I'm really enjoying it.  I just put in my first bit of wall paper! I'm looking forward to learning all of the things.

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Hi Laura, and welcome to the forum! The Coventry Cottage is a sweet build. I look forward to seeing yours. You can open an album in the Gallery when you have made 5 posts.

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7 hours ago, LarJar said:

I'm looking forward to learning all of the things.

Welcome!  I'm not sure if this is possible - I know many folks have been making minis for ages and are still learning new things.  I know I am!

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Hi Laura! :wave:  Welcome to our little world!

@Tigpuppy- I learn new stuff ALL of the time! :cheezy:And often it's those little things that make me slap my forehead and go "DUH!"  :doh: Like- why did it take me SO long to figure out that drilling a little hole for a tiny dowel on the bottom of a stair or porch post will hold much better than with just glue alone?? 

Have fun!  Can't wait to see your pics!

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24 minutes ago, jbnmini said:

drilling a little hole for a tiny dowel on the bottom of a stair or porch post will hold much better than with just glue alone

@jbnmini I know, right? I drill a hole and glue the bottom 1/3 of a stick pin into the stair spindle - then I just jab it into the step - no glue needed really and I can sort of bend them back and forth to get them aligned just right.  Also, if I bump it later, it doesn't break off.  Just push it back into place if needed!

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