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Mini Man

The Pierce Dollhouse is back in stock!

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Howdy all!  Just wanted to give everyone the heads up that the Pierce Dollhouse is back in stock.  Our region of NY lifted restrictions on manufactures on May 15th, so we've been nose to the grindstone ever since.  We are still operating with a reduced staff so we are only providing customer service through email... please help us out by emailing your question instead of calling. 

Let's see some pictures of the Pierce so the lurkers out there might take the plug and join our community to share their own pictures.  Of course, the Pierce that I dream about is Peacock Palace... Tracy always blows my mind and this house is simply amazing!

I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy!

AKA Mini Man


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I've already been thinking what I want to do for the next Pierce....

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1 hour ago, Medieval said:

I've already been thinking what I want to do for the next Pierce....

Are you planning to do another one?

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    • By Pierce dollhouse
      Looking for pearls of wisdom from those with experience and advise to offer. Live in N.E. Ohio. Need some winter therapy/stress relief and think this kit may do the trick. Have limited time to devote but patient enough for this to be a work in progress. I was given a Pierce dollhouse #8011, in pieces in the box but missing directions. Still just sorting thru the pile. Was advised to contact Greenleaf about directions and I am hopeful about that. Work as a surgical nurse. Mom of three grown children. Thanks for any guidance!
    • By Mhumby123
      My mom bought this dollhouse over 30 years ago for $89. She never finished it and I took on the challenge to do so. I still have a ton of work to do, but it is coming along.  I am working on inside now and still have some touchup to do on outside. I worked with the pieces she had left. 

    • By Lisa Scott
      Hello everyone,

      I'm a new builder, long time lover of dollhouses. I recently was given the opportunity to take on the Pierce Dollhouse. A woman was selling the unfinished house at a killer price. I snapped it up. Unfortunately, that is where the easy luck ends. The dollhouse is very fragile. It is not solidly built, I have many hours of repair work ahead of me. I'm looking forward to it. But I'm a little nervous as this is my first attempt at building/repairing a dollhouse.

      Among the issues that I face with this repair/build, is that there are no instructions. There are also missing pieces that I have to try to identify. It looks like the porch, bannisters and spindles are missing, part of the roof, part of the base/lattice work and a small replacement part of the stairscase. I'm sure I will be able to purchase these missing items at my local Dollhouse store called The Little Dollhouse Company in Toronto (I hope).

      I've search the download centre here in Greenleaf, to see if I could locate the missing instructions etc. but it appears that these instructions are not available. Does anyone know where I can access these vital instructions, hopefully at no cost?

      Thank you!


    • By Celeste17522
      Hello all, I am new to miniatures and dollhouse building. I just got my first dollhouse from a friends' neighbor (the Pierce by Greenleaf) and of course, there are no instructions

      This will be quite an adventure! I'm looking forward to learning from you all!
    • By Indian_Shadow_Moon

      I've been working on the Pierce dollhouse on and off for a couple years now, however the instructions have become worn and tatty, and I am in need for replacements!

      Can anyone help by sending me a pdf file or a photocopy of the Pierce Dollhouse instructions? I would rather this than ring a number that is international to buy a new set, esp when I'm nearly finished with the dollhouse

      Thank you for any help...
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