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Help for adding OUTLETS - and - WALL SWITCHES

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I am builing a three floor wooden dollhouse by hand.   My room l outlets will either consist of either large brass hollow eyelets CK1023-2 sunk into the tape run or the Pound-In Receptacle CK1003-1 of which I have a supply of both.

My plan is to leave the large stock factory plugs that came with the lamps on, where possible.  This is where my help question arises.  What are the recommended way(s) of attaching the ceiling lamps? I rather avoid soldering since my dollhouse is not tip-able (only rotatable using the lazy-susan assembly I made).  I could easily melt the tape run having to reach for the tape run plus moving the chandelier to a different room if I needed to would be risky.

I did pick up some Spring Loaded Eyelets CK1023-6 that I plan to use with the WALL SWITCHES so they don't fall off, if that helps.  Has anyone tried this wall switch before with any success before I cut out sections of the circuit tape for the switch?

Any help/recommendations would be most appreciated.





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Posted (edited)
19 minutes ago, RobZap said:

What are the recommended way(s) of attaching the ceiling lamps?

Drill a hole in the ceiling so the wires from the light will poke up through it. Run the tape wire along the floor near the hole. Attach wires to tape using eyelets. Floor treatment will cover the wiring.

This is one place where leaving the stock plugs attached will be a problem. The only way I can think to do it with plugs intact is to drill a hole and pull wires through as above (plug will have to be removed), run wires across room to nearest wall, cut wires to size, reattach plug, and use pound-in outlet. The outlet and plug can be hidden behind furniture, curtain, etc.

I would lean toward the first option. There are less parts to wiggle loose and cause trouble later.

I have not used the wall switches, so I cannot comment on that. 

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