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Etsy issued me a full refund on the shadowcliff dollhouse today. So I have my money back.  Thank you everyone for your emotional support. It was appreciated. I will be more careful in future about che

Ya'll think that's bad....check out this RARE Alison Jr by RGT   https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Real-Good-Toys-VICTORIAN-ALISON-JR-DOLLHOUSE-J-M907-9-Rooms-NEW-IN-BOX/154338675434?hash=item23ef4d4a

My box arrived today - totally legit! Brand new in the box, still with the plastic wrapper on it. I'm so happy right now. I know you guys know the feeling <3

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23 hours ago, Soapz said:

Here is a link to an online estate auction - there are a few interesting pieces that might fit tighter budgets and not so tight ones...



I love that attic room box by Bill Lankford. Wow.

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On 8/14/2020 at 12:11 PM, Mid-life madness said:

Says it is for both the house and components kits... not a bad price if really both. Description only mentions one box pretty sure mine came in two. 

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Half scale pull apart house on eBay, nicely finished: https://www.ebay.com/itm/HALF-1-2-1-24-Scale-miniature-Pull-part-DOLLHOUSE/124306493568

I have one of these that I bought partially finished and haven't yet done anything with yet. I've never seen another one until now. This is one of Jackie Dieber's houses but I don't know anything else about it.

(This is the same seller I bought my attic roombox from. She's been selling off a lot of nice and rare stuff for several months, but the shipping is high.)

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1 hour ago, Medieval said:

Is it me or does duracraft remind anyone of prefab or module houses?

It really does there with that neutral boring HOA paint combo. Looks like it belongs in a big development. And the little oval above the door could easily say "Model home".


I was thinking that design would look nice with board and batten in white and dark green accents. Really shabby-chic farmhouse it up and have fun with it. 


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45 minutes ago, MiniMac said:

I'm trying to restrain myself! Please, somebody buy this so I won't!



That's a smokin' hot deal of a price......Sorry, we are a bunch of enablers. I probably would buy it.

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6 hours ago, fov said:

The same seller who posted the half scale pull-apart house last week has a finished half scale Queen Anne Rowhouse listed this week: https://www.ebay.com/itm/HALF-scale-miniature-DOLLHOUSE-electrified-with-LAMPS-and-LIGHTS/124314908316?hash=item1cf1bef69c:g:OJMAAOSwdjZfSAr0

This is a good deal on this house. I bet it will go up a good bit. 

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1 hour ago, havanaholly said:

Whoever decided it would make a better conservatory?

But not the person deciding on the title...it's like they know something more (or a lot less I guess). lol

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10 minutes ago, Mid-life madness said:

I agree, even though it's not my "style" it is a really great house that I think should be better represented....hope someone from here picks up!

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