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On 8/20/2021 at 7:32 AM, madtex1967 said:

RGT Half Scale Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.  Unfurnished and in Colorado  Seller will ship.


Oh my, how much have I always loved this one! I haven't a scrap of 1/24th scale and would be starting from scratch, alas. But I always thought it would be awesome to recreate one of Jefferson's famous alcove beds in that house. We visited Monticello a few years ago and it is just as beautiful in person as all photographs show it to be.

I haven't seen one of these for sale in ages. A few days ago I saw a seller with RGT's Lincoln Springfield house with a BIN of (I think?) $350. That went fast, as it disappeared in no time. You'd think RGT would re-issue that one and Monticello, as they certainly seem to be in demand!

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8 minutes ago, madtex1967 said:

I love that house. Springville is about 40 miles from Visalia, CA. I wonder if the Visalian is based on a house in Visalia. Anyone know?

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4 hours ago, havanaholly said:

Carrie, have you tried the glue and wire flowers?  The results are spectacular, and I have some from a couple of our talented members.

Do you mean the type that look like enameling?

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