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Kim 43

New from Montgomery Alabama

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My name is Kim and this is my first real dollhouse. I have been in love with the Garfield since I was 8 years old and my grandfather took me to the local hobby store to get some items for his train set. I am now 43 and for the first time I have a home that will allow me to finally have this house. I also have a 6yo daughter that will be assisting me with the project as much as she can.  All I need is as much advice as I can get on this. I do already know that I will be replacing the doors and windows so any help on that would be greatly appreciated. 

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Welcome to the little family Kim & daughter from down the road in Seminole, AL.

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Welcome Kim & daughter! :wave: This is the best place for help and advice.

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    • By warpedrivka
      Hello! Honestly just checking out dollhouses and miniatures. I was gifted my grandmothers dollhouse made in the 70's and I really want to renovate it and fix it up! I have always had a fascination with miniatures though! Have a good day!
    • By Carrie-Waltz
      Hi. everyone!
      I'm a newbie in doll house construction
      I had problems with making furniture, so my husband bought me a doweling jighttps://pickadvisor.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Woodstock-D4116-Doweling-Jig-review-300x300.jpg (don't know how to attach the image properly)
      He's sure I can use it, as it's helpful in his workshop
      Has anyone any experience using it?
      If not, maybe you like the idea
    • By Luci
      Hello everyone,
      I am in the middle of building my first house and I'm stoked! I'm retired and finally have the time and patience to make a dollhouse. I've got the outside almost completed - just need to shingle the roof. I'm waiting for warmer weather so I can stain the shingles.
      i am super lucky to have a crafty husband who has been providing guidance, ideas, extra pair of hands and muscle when needed. He is also willing to listen to me go on and on about my project (now that is something! :-). Not only that, he has had many hobbies over the years and still possesses small-scaled tools and various supplies that he kindly donated to my workshop.  I was planning to make hardwood floors with Popsicle sticks and spent the better part of an evening cutting the tips off a pile. It was hard work and I didn't even have enough for one room! My husband remembered that he has a pile of veneers left over from marquetry work he did in the '70s! He them made a jig to cut them in perfect 1/2" strips.  My house will have the most beautiful maple floors. 
      I'm on my way to Toronto for the weekend and plan to stop in at The Little Dollhouse Company for a lighting kit and misc building supplies. I love the front-opening aspect of the model but didn't like the fact that the back had no windows. So I cut some out, big bay for the living room, small ones for the kitchen and bathroom, and one for each bedroom.  The dining room is going in the central room and I realize that I should have cut one out for that room also.  The exterior is finished so I will have to be careful cutting it out
      I've  decided to go with the round wiring instead of the tape but I'm worried about future troubleshooting if part of the system fails and has to be repaired or replaced. I understand that the installation is pretty permanent. I'd be interested in hearing your experiences in using round wiring vs tape and the pros and cons especially from those of you who have done both.
      I would also like to hear your advice on the glue to use to install the veneer on the floors. I've done some testing with No More Nails glue and find it impossible to avoid getting glue on top, to which the stain won't take. 
      Thank you all in advance for your feedback.

    • By Lanie
      30 years ago my father made 3 Harrison doll houses for each of his granddaughters.  My daughter received one of the houses.  I would now like to refinish the house so my granddaughter can enjoy it as much as she did.
      The wallpaper has been removed and, although there is wiring, the ceiling fixtures do not light.  What would be the best way to troubleshoot the wiring?  I am tempted to pull the tape from all the walls, but I am open to suggestions at this point.
      Also, has anyone tried to update the look of the Tudor to something a little more contemporary?  I feel this house is my "fixer upper" and I would like to bring it into our times for her.
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