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Wallpapering Over Wall Hinges?


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I'm currently working on my first dollhouse. I bought this already assembled and have noticed there are hinges in the corners of most of the rooms (photos attached) some of which stick out quite  bit. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for how to hide these as I don't want them to show under my wallpapers. (it seems as if they were used to pull the corners of the dollhouse walls together)


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Your photos didn't attach. Once you have made two more posts you'll be able to start a gallery and post the pictures there.

I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but it is possible to wallpaper over hinges. It works best with stiff paper (like Itsy Bitsy Mini brand) or scrapbook paper. You can see an example here: https://www.emilymorganti.com/dollhouse/queen-anne-rowhouse/rowhouse666.jpg

If the hinges aren't flush with the wall you could build up the area around them with cardstock or thin cardboard, and then wallpaper over that. This isn't exactly the same, but here's a picture of how I added cardboard to the floor to accommodate bulky wiring before laying the floorboards. You could do something similar around your hinges, except you'll want the cardboard to run right up to the edges of the hinges so you don't have any gaps that could cause wrinkles in the wallpaper.




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What if you just removed them period? Then after you paper some corner mold/trim could cover the gaps. I wouldn't remove all of them until I was sure the house wouldn't fall apart experiment with just one first. Will be better when we can see pics so find some threads on here and make some posts so you can start a gallery. You have 3 you just need 2 more.:)

Comment on this post and introduce yourself in the new member thread and that will do it. 

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