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I've waited for two weeks for an estate sale that pictured a bunch of magazine binders but didn't show the contents.  Can you imagine my excitement to find they were all filled with mint condition magazines?  You'll find me on the sofa for the next 8 weeks. 


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    • By lflint
      We can't wait to tell everyone the AWESOME news!!  The former Stockton Miniature Show has had to change locations due to the hall closing.. 
      We have moved to the Lodi Wine Country and this will be our best show EVER!
      7th Annual Miniatures in the Wine Country

      Formerly the Stockton Miniature Show

      2 Shows at Once!!

      There are so many tables that there will be 2 shows at 2 locations to accommodate all the miniatures.  There will be more miniatures than you ever could imagine!  PLUS, over                        

      40 room boxes and dollhouses!!  The 2 locations are less than 2 miles apart just off Hwy 99

      1ST show-hours 9am-3pm

      Location: Lodi Moose Lodge 3824 Woodbridge Road E. Acampo, Ca. 95220

      2nd show-hours 11am-7pm

      Location: Elks Lodge 19071 N. Lower Sacramento Road, Woodbridge, Ca. 95258

      $7.00 at the door - children 12 and under FREE

      Fee includes both shows

      For more information and to pre-register as a vendor e-mail

      Leslie Flint - miniatureswaterfront@aol.com

      Debbie Heard - fjdebbie@aol.com


      Bring your “Real Estate” and sell it on Real Estate Row for only $20.00 (Free to vendors)

    • By JPMGallo
      I recently decided to take my childhood dollhouse and restore it as a family project {I have 3 children 5, 9, & 12}.  I was gifted my dollhouse about 30 years ago from my grandmother and it has been sitting in my parents basement since then.  I never really did much to it, except add victorian style furniture that my mother picked out for me and play with it as a child.   It was also wired for lighting.   Now when I look at it from an adult's perspective and as a homeowner, I see just how much more I can add to it. {baseboard, crown moulding, trip, dark wood flooring etc. etc.}
      I want to make the house to represent more of a craftsman/colonial style home {changing the windows & adding more modern trim, lighting and furniture, kitchen etc..}  I have searched pinterest, google, etsy, and many dollhouse blogs and websites.  I am looking forward to reading this forum and learning from others.  I am crafty and creative, I am horrible with measurements and visualizing- but learning.  I recently "bashed" the windows, front door, removed the shutters and took down the dividing walls.  I also removed the bottom staircase, as I would like to rework the positioning of them.  Planning on adding an addition on each side as well as a garage.  
      There is no time frame on this project- rather just a fun way for my kids and I to release some creativity energy.   

    • By Debra from Olde Cape Cod
      Well, looks like we'll be going on another adventure soon so I am offering my collection of Nutshell News for sale. 1987 through 1995. A few are missing, some are missing pages, but these are a fantastic resource. Unfortunately, as these would be very heavy, I am offering as pickup only or I could meet you halfway if you are not too far away. Make me an offer, it's time they went on to someone who can use them.
    • By porcelainpoppy
      Loving the addition of the glass eyes. Having second thoughts about these particular antlers. May have to redo them due to bubbling in the polymer clay.
    • By porcelainpoppy
      Loving the addition of the glass eyes. Having second thoughts about these particular antlers. May have to redo them due to bubbling in the polymer clay.
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