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New member introduction and first questions :)

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Hi everyone,

I am happy to join this community of all things miniature.

A little about myself: I have a very creative mind. Ever since I was a kid, I collected toys and simulated battles or adventure stories. I think that miniatures helped me escape from reality and I was able to create my own world. However, growing up, I lost touch of this passion of mine. I hope to rediscover this passion by exploring other people's creative worlds.

First 2 questions: Where do you usually buy your miniatures and what do you look for ?



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38 minutes ago, miniature14 said:

...First 2 questions: Where do you usually buy your miniatures and what do you look for ?

Welcome to the little family.   I make everything I put into my builds, and I find components in hardware stores, hobby shops, craft stores and thrift stores, sometimes restaurant table tops and parking lots.  The kits themselves I have gotten directly from Greenleaf, a couple from Hobby Builders Supply, a few in thrift shops, some that were already built with hot glue and falling apart.  I look for anything I can turn into something miniature.

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39 minutes ago, miniature14 said:

First 2 questions: Where do you usually buy your miniatures and what do you look for ?

Where? There are many on-line shops and a few brick-and-mortar shops. It depends on the need as to which shop is best. Many of us make furniture and accessories. For house kits, you can't beat our own Greenleaf store. :) 

What to look for? Whatever will fill a need. 

I'd suggest finding the house that catches your eye, and then listen to the house to see what paths it may take you down. With your creativity and imagination, who knows what glories you and the house will accomplish. :D  

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Scroll on down to the bottom of this page where it says "Theme v  Contact Us"; immediately below that it says "Greenleaf Doll House Kits"; click on that and you will go to the Greenleaf home page where you have a menu on the left side to access the store.

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