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Minis at Walmart - Mini Brands

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20 hours ago, Sable said:

They market them to children as collectibles.

Children are gullible, indiscriminate collectors. When I was in about 2nd grade I remember saving eraser crumbs in a tiny open box that I'd folded from a scrap of paper.  It rested on the pencil ledge in my school desk. I think I gave up that collection after the box had tipped several times and I was reprimanded for failing more than one desk inspection.

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41 minutes ago, havanaholly said:

Desk inspection?  Thank goodness we never had any of those in my elementary school!

After I posted about this, I started thinking -- 73+ years later, why do I remember this? Lord knows I've forgotten a lot more important things along the way!! :dunno:

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