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Looking for Country Church kit

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This is a long shot but here goes.  I am looking for a RGT (I believe) Country Church dollhouse kit.  The side was open showing the pews in side the church.  I would post a picture but my laptop is not cooperating.  If by chance anyone has one please pm me


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I can't help you with the RGT church.  But, if you can't find one and you still want to make a church, the Vineyard Cottage makes a nice one.  I just cut back the second floor and left the stairs out to make a smaller balcony for my organ (or you could leave that floor out all together.  The windows have a nice "church look" to them, and I am hanging a bell from the eaves of the overhang in the front.

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Thank you.  I got one with a lot of help from Carmen ( minilover62) and it’s on it’s way to me!  This is a special project and I will no longer be building after this

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