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How was the Tooth Fairy revealed to you?

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I didn't grow up here and don't have experience w/ this. 


My sister has 2 daughters; When they lose a tooth, my sister has given them money folded in origami animals ( unicorn, turtle, dog....)

The older one, age 10,  recently brought up at their dinner, in front of the younger one,  that her friends said the Tooth Fairy is not real. 

Their dad said if they don't believe then the Tooth Fairy will not visit them. 


My sister is trying to find a nice way of telling her older one and recruit her in  keeping the magic alive for the young daughter. 

The older daughter's birthday is coming up. 

1. Should this be a topic to be  revealed on her birthday?

2. How was this revealed to you? What would be your suggestion on how this should be handled?  


Thanks  for your help,


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I think I was in first or second grade when my classmates revealed to me that the tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny & Santa Claus were all my parents.  I went along with my parents' version, since I saw no reason to stop the gifts.  Your nieces must be home schooled!

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At 10 I pretty much knew there was no such thing as the tooth fairy, Santa etc......Kids are brutal and will spoil the mystery to kids who still believe. I think honesty is the best thing. Don't put it off, just tell her the truth and ask her not to spoil it for her sister. Kids will tease her if she adamantly says that there is a tooth fairy etc....

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When my siblings and I were youngsters we knew early on that Christmas presents came from Mom and Dad, aunts and uncles. I don't remember exactly when the Santa balloon burst. It must not have been a very memorable moment.

We had another tradition in our family. On our birthday, there would be a box wrapped in white tissue paper and tied with a red ribbon in the middle of the living room floor when we came downstairs to breakfast. That one was from the birthday fairy. Of course we twigged to it early on, but it was Mom's inspiration and her special gift to us, so we went along and came to expect it and relish it as a special token of mother love. Flash forward 18 years: Mom sent a white-wrapped package to my residence hall house mother my first year away at college. The house mother put it in my room while I was at breakfast. I can't begin to tell you how it warmed the cockles of my homesick heart to see it there.

Long story short, don't make an issue of bursting the kid's bubble. When curiosity arises, let her know that sometimes Santa or the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy need help from mommies and daddies because there are so many children in the world who are every bit as good as she is and need to get a special present. "Santa told me what he wanted you to have. He simply can't get around to everybody in one night." :) 

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My older sister ruined it for me. All the magic, not just the tooth fairy - Easter Bunny, Santa, etc.

When my kids would say other kids told them their parents put presents under the tree at Christmas I would explain it like this:  Those kids are bad and getting coal, and their parents feel bad that Santa isn't bringing any toys, so they're putting them there instead. Better be good because I won't do that.

@KathieB - I've never heard of a birthday fairy I love that idea, wish my kids weren't grown I would have started that tradition!

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I remember my daughter about aged 5 asking me 'If I don't believe in Santa anymore does that mean I won't get Santa presents?'  Needless to say she continued to believe for another couple of years!  Can't remember much about the tooth fairy...my daughter used to create little shrines to the tooth fairy.  Lay out crepe paper, ribbons, crystals, fairy lights.  Occasionally she would receive notes from the fairy too!

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Last night my niece lost another tooth.

The tooth fairy/ my sister left her a letter next to the tooth.  The letter reveals the truth and also includes an offer  for a mom/daughter date to anywhere my niece wants to go. 

My sister made sure she was in the room when my niece read the letter. 

My niece was disappointed and  even cried. She said she felt stupid. My sister explained that she didn't have any magic in her childhood and how my niece can appreciate all of the effort that it took behind the scene....  and now my niece can be part of the Fairy army to carry on this important task. 


I also learned that some of my niece's friends  tested out the doubt  by NOT telling their parents about losing the tooth and there wasn't any money under the pillow. But there was money there after the parents have been informed about the tooth...

So the secret it out.  Thanks for your help with this. :) 

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